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Care plan information is managed in one place and schedules are generated automatically.

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Reallocate a care worker's visits to the most suitable and closest care workers in seconds.

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Scheduling, logistics, client management, attendance and mobile software

There's no need to put up with an old inefficient desktop application any longer.

While some scheduling software systems are an after-thought, added on to a client management system or residential care system, Sandwai has been designed and purposely built to improve the efficiency of home and community care service delivery.

Sandwai is a web and mobile software solution that looks so nice you will actually want to spend time using it. Built from the ground up specifically for home and community care providers, it utilises the latest web and mobile technologies, to be more efficient than traditional desktop applications and to save you considerable administration time.

Community care, like most industries, is having to do more with less. Care providers are having to become more service orientated and more efficient in how they schedule their care workers. Sandwai understands this and provides powerful features for getting suitable care workers to clients in the most cost effective way, including a schedule generator that uses an advanced algorithm to work out the absolute most efficient combination of visits.

Customer Testimonial - Feros Care

Introducing Sandwai to our business has helped us in many areas: we are able to rapidly expand into new business arms without exponentially increasing our administrative staffing costs. Time spent communicating with our field staff via manual methods (previously email and phone calls) has gone down by 75% due to the extremely reliable mobile app that syncs in real time with the changes made in the system. The developers have an excellent understanding of real life use case and are always willing to work with us, the users, to create customised enhancements that have real business benefit. Without Sandwai, we would still be manually processing large amounts of static rosters and manually dealing daily with the large amounts of ensuing change that is inevitable in community services.

Georgie Laporte, Solutions Operations Manager, Feros Care

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Sandwai makes your everyday activities easier.

Care organisations are telling us that schedules are constantly changing and that providing care worker's with their schedule in advance of a few days can be an administratively exhausting process. Sandwai is designed to make these tasks a lot easier. If an employee calls in sick, for example, the system will reallocate the care worker’s visits to other suitable and nearby workers with only a few clicks.

High interoperability is imperative, particularly with quality healthcare systems. So if you have system components such as CRM, finance and business intelligence that you would like to keep, then speak with us about using API's and integration items to link Sandwai with your existing system. Connectivity between systems is paramount to the future of high quality healthcare. We understand this, and have made Sandwai not only fast, feature packed and secure but super flexible as well.

You own your data, safe and secure.

Sandwai uses the latest fast and secure web and mobile technologies. All data is stored safely on professionally hosted servers, here in Australia, using the latest security technologies. Your information will always remain your property and if at any time you wish to obtain or remove your data, you will be able to. Our team are only happy when you're happy. The best part? There is nothing to install on your computers. You simply access the software through your web browsers. This keeps the implementation simple and easy.

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