Who Is Sandwai?

Sandwai is Australia's Leading Provider of home care solutions

Sandwai is the result of over twenty years experience designing, developing, implementing and supporting business applications. The Sandwai team have experience with more than four hundred software implementations and we understand what it takes to create successful solutions. We do not rest until our customers are satisfied.

Sandwai is an Australian owned and operated company. All of our development, administration and support takes place here in Australia. Our teams do not have sales KPI’s, they are instead focused on understanding your needs and are passionate about delivering real, valuable solutions to your business.

Sandwai Can Help make your everyday activities easier

what can we do for you?

Community service providers are telling us that schedules are constantly changing and that providing care worker’s with their schedule in advance of a few days can be an administratively exhausting process. Sandwai is designed to make these tasks a lot easier. If an employee calls in sick, for example, the system will reallocate the care worker’s visits to other suitable and nearby workers with only a few clicks.

The ability to achieve high levels of quality integration is key to delivering a quality healthcare information system. So if you have components such as a CRM, financial management, payroll or business intelligence system that you would like to keep, then speak with us about using Sandwai’s API’s and middleware to link with your existing system. Connectivity between systems is paramount to the future of high quality healthcare. We understand this, and have made Sandwai not only fast, feature packed and secure but super flexible as well.

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