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Sandwai is an award-winning Australian owned and operated software company. All of our development, administration and support takes place here in Australia. Sandwai is the result of over twenty years experience designing, developing and supporting business applications, and now leads the way in bringing the latest innovations, collaborations and solutions to the Australian Home and Disability Care sectors.

What does Sandwai mean? Pronounced “sand-why”, Sandwai is the merging of sand and water. It represents and celebrates our great country, its people, and the innovations and solutions that we’re known to achieve when we push the boundaries together.

Sandwai was the first comprehensive web-based software solution dedicated to home care in Australia. Sandwai led the change from the plethora of legacy on-premise home care systems to a modern web-based application in the cloud. Sandwai introduced this in combination with a native mobile application for support workers and seamless, effortless and automated communications.

Sandwai was also the first software company in Australia to rethink home care scheduling, introducing intelligent algorithms to move from basic outlook-calendar style scheduling tools to automated and highly efficient route creation.

Every area of functionality, from advanced HCP management, seamless communications, billing and claiming to quality assurance, has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use but powerful in the background.

Sandwai is proud to become an Industry Partner of Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA).

ACSA has long been regarded as the leading industry body of the Australian Aged Care sector. Working closely with industry members and government bodies, ACSA advocates for the national aged care agenda.

The Sandwai team are excited to join the ACSA community as an Industry Partner and look forward to collaborating on important issues and sharing our knowledge and expertise on all matters regarding aged care.

If you are a provider looking to transform your digital operations and would like to learn more about Sandwai, please contact one of our friendly Sandwai representatives on 1300 795 133 or book a demonstration.

Improve service delivery quality and reliability, provide timely communications, capture and access information accurately, and provide high quality support.

True schedule generation that automatically builds routes for you. Each route is optimised to minimise travel while meeting your client’s needs and preferences.

A mobile application which empowers workers to deliver services with confidence, utilising built-in communications to reduce the time spent communicating with field staff by up to 75%.

Access the information you need when you need it, and use Sandwai to manage a multitude of funding sources, including CHSP, HCP and NDIS.

Integration is key with modern information system architecture. Speak with us about integrating Sandwai with your existing software components.

With Sandwai, you will receive exceptional support and guidance from our experienced, Australian-based support team.


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