Customer Focused Outcomes

Sandwai allows you to put your customers at the centre of your operations. Manage a multitude of funding sources and provide accurate and clear customer statements and invoices. Ensure that your client’s preferences are being captured and respected. Keep your customers engaged with the Sandwai Customer and Family Portal, and put the right information in front of support and customer service staff to maximise customer satisfaction with the Sandwai Service Hub.

Customer Focused

Capture customer preferences and their importance to the customer, and have this information included in the schedule generation algorithms, available in the scheduling tools, and in front of the support workers and coordinators. Provide timely communications to customers to maximise engagement and minimise confusion. Configure customer focused service plans that consider the customer’s goals and requests, and closely monitor the customer’s progress. Quickly add contact reminders for special events and calendar entries, and automatically add contact reminders for service changes.

Package Management

Manage accurate home care financial packages with ease and produce well-presented customer facing statements that are easy to understand. Send statements to coordinators for approval. A highly configurable interface allows for pre-entry of date-driven package changes. Have the system automatically update rates and fees in line with Medicare changes. Reconcile Medicare payment summaries and automatically create any required adjustments. Modal service plan additions and changes with highly accurate budget calculations and forecasts.

Customer and Family Portal

Customers can access their schedules and service plans, as well as their personal profile information, and they can request new services. Seamless integration into the Sandwai office application to provide real-time changes.

Customer Service Hub

The Service Hub is a dashboard that allows schedulers, coordinators and other office staff to see an overview of all activity for a selected client. Access and add notes, forms, recent and future services, open service requests, contact reminders, the customer’s leave and action reminders. Provide a superior level of customer service and support by having all of this information available in a quick to access and easy to read dashboard.

Funding sources

Provide the ultimate flexibility to customers by simplifying the management of a multitude of funding sources. Provide home care packages, NDIS management and claims, CHSP, fee for service, VHC, and a plethora of other supported state and federal funding programs and initiatives.


Customers will love that they can book their transport services with you and know that the service will be delivered on time and accurately billed. Sandwai understands the distance and duration between every visit, event and activity’s location in the system and will create optimised transport routes for you, significantly minimising travel costs for the organisation.

Group Activities

Group activities are a great way to keep customers engaged and to provide fun and meaningful events for your customers. Activities are growing in popularity as providers add restaurants, art classes, gallery trips, fishing trips, games events, and group exercise activities, as just some of the examples, to their list of service offerings. Sandwai’s group activity functionality allows you to incorporate these activities seamlessly into the schedules for workers, clients and vehicles.

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