Industry Leading Next-Generation Technology

There is no need to tolerate outdated software systems and inefficient processes. Replace non-performing systems with a modern home care software platform that is designed to take your operations into the next generation of technology. Realise the advantages of true automation and optimisation, integration and harmonious best of breed architecture.

Single platform for all your home care operational needs

One platform to truly automate the generation of your schedules, manage clinical data and customer records, and bring together mobility, timesheets, award interpretation, billing, package management, claims and regulatory reporting.


With all data stored securely within Amazon Web Services (AWS) here in Australia, Sandwai provides an unparalleled level of cloud-based performance, reliability and scaling. Allow modern cloud-based technologies to empower your workforce to access information quickly, where and when they need it.

Mobile Workforce

The Sandwai mobile workforce app, which is available natively for both Android and iOS, allows your workforce to spend less time completing administrative tasks and more time face to face with your customers. Work both in real-time online and offline, to access schedules, attendance, GPS data, timesheets, route maps, real-time alerts, availability, and events.

Streamlined Communications

Replace inefficient communication methods with streamlined messaging built directly into your software workflows. Have the software automatically communicate service offers to workers, and update schedules and alerts in real-time.

Interoperability and APIs

Interoperability is key in the design of all modern information systems, not just in aged care but across all industries. It would make little sense for Sandwai to reinvent the wheel by building another payroll or financial management system when there are so many dedicated and impressive off the shelf options, so our team specialises in connecting these components for you into one best of breed, harmonious super-system.

Research and Development

Sandwai has invested millions of dollars into research and development, employing some of the country’s brightest engineers and engaging with some of the industries most progressive service providers, to bring you the software you need to transform your operations. Leverage true schedule generation, optimisation, and the tools to provide better quality of care across your organisation.

Collaboration and Dedicated Development

If you have a new initiative, program or idea, Sandwai’s research and development team can work with you in collaboration to bring the concept to life. We can provide dedicated development resources to help you mobilise new initiatives faster, realise the gains of custom integration projects or transition from non-performing systems. Sandwai has completed hundreds of collaboration items with customers.

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