Achieving Operational Efficiency

Sandwai has studied the every day activities of schedulers, coordinators and mobile support workers, and created solutions that significantly improve productivity. Leverage algorithms that automatically create schedule routes, manage changes with ease, streamline and automate communications, and put the right information in front of the right people.

True Schedule Generation and Optimisation

Sandwai pioneered the change towards logistics-based thinking for home care software scheduling and continues to lead the home care industry today. Sandwai is the first and only solution that delivers true optimised schedule generation, not just a recurring calendar with assistive tools. Enjoy the benefits of having full flexibility to choose the level of allowed worker and time window variation to achieve the appropriate and desired balance between continuity of care and route efficiencies. Then allow the system to automatically build the most efficient combination of routes for you within your chosen tolerances and parameters.

Managing Changes

Our research shows that the percentage of change for home care schedules between service plan creation and service delivery can be greater than 40%. Clients can cancel visits and planned activity attendances, workers can call in without a lot of notice, and customer appointments and needs can shift. The combination of Sandwai’s optimised schedule generations and smart scheduling tools makes light work of these tasks.

Built-in Communications

Service providers have reported that their time spent communicating with workers and customers reduced by as much as 75% as a result of the implementation of the Sandwai platform, due to the built-in and real-time communication methods and workflows.

Smart Alert Dashboards and Notifications

Improve visibility of operational activities and notify the right people with the Alert Dashboards and automated exception notifications. Be alerted in real-time for missed attendances, incidents, expiring skills and many more.

Modern User Experience and Intuitive Navigation

With a clean and modern interface, users feel more engaged and satisfied using Sandwai when compared with non-performing systems. Users report that they actually enjoy using the software and are less stressed because the software actually helps them to carry out their daily activities.

Employee Engagement

Employees that feel a sense of pride in their work will be happier and more engaged, and this shines through to your customers. The Sandwai mobile app allows workers to feel confident that they are best equipped to meet the needs of the customer and that there is demonstrated administrative consistency and cohesion.


Modern best of breed, well integrated, information system architecture promotes the use of software systems that specialise in their field rather than a previous-generation approach that attempts to satisfy functions such as payroll and finance. Enjoy the benefits of industry leading software such as Dynamics 365, Epicor, Flare, Employment Hero, MYOB, Xero, Sage, KeyPay, Workday, Kronos, Tableau, QlikView, and a long list of powerful sales and marketing CRMs, and our team will work with you to create intelligent and automated data flows.

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