Improving Quality and Compliance

Improve the quality of care, service delivery and compliance with built-in work flows that ensure the correct recording of information, accurate claiming and reporting, and comprehensive audit logging. Rest knowing that Sandwai infrastructure utilises the latest security technologies available through Amazon Web Services (AWS). Prioritise notes, messages and alerts to protect the health and well being of both your customers and your workers.

Data Security

Sandwai utilises the latest technologies available within AWS to ensure all data is protected both in transfer and at rest. Leveraging the power of AWS IaaS allows Sandwai to ensure that the system is safe, fast, highly scalable and always available. Experience a true zero-downtime platform.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Sandwai provides multiple options for validating service delivery, including QR code scanning, client signature and GPS data. These options can be used in any combination and are even customisable by service type, cost code and team. Ensure that your organisation is empowered to validate where and when your services are delivered.

Comprehensive Auditing

Access audit log information directly within the screen that you are working within. There is no need to run a separate report or to go looking for your audit log information. Sandwai will quickly and easily show you who made changes, when they were changed and the before and after values, for the full history of the record. Access this information for all key records throughout the software, including clients, employees, timesheets and schedules.

Quality Control and Assurance

Build custom form templates, configure custom document and note behaviours, ensure the right information has been delivered to clients and captured as required, and notify the relevant people in real-time automatically. Quality control measures are closely coupled with scheduling and attendance functions to ensure consistent compliance. Be confident that the right workers are attending the right services and events at the right times.

Information Accuracy

Built-in workflows and reports that allow users to identify errors or inconsistencies in information with the ability to make corrections before submitting claims, billing, processing timesheets and payroll.

Health and Safety

Having the right information in front of the right people is critical for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of both your workers and customers. Prioritise notes, alerts and messages in both the mobile app and the office app to increase customer satisfaction and to build stronger worker and customer engagements.

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