Sandwai’s Providers See Growth of up to 45% Year on Year

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The most rewarding part of designing and delivering software solutions is seeing the planned benefits come to fruition. We love seeing our providers realise their growth ambitions, whether starting off as a new venture and growing into a mature operation or scaling a large provider into an enterprise operation. Since implementing Sandwai, based on the number of delivered services, our customers have grown on average 45% year on year. With many of our customers having grown over 75% year on year since moving to Sandwai. Sandwai has been designed to support and facilitate growth through smart workflows and automation that minimise administrative workload. Intelligent scheduling with route optimisation significantly reduces overheads and employee downtime and a subscription model that rewards growth through enterprise pricing. To see Sandwai for yourself or learn more about how we can support your organisation, reach out to one of our friendly team members on 1300 795 133 or email

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